im all for a tarzan remake where everything is the same but tarzan is a girl please and thank you

and in case ur wondering yes jane is still a girl they’re jungle lesbians you’re welcome

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masculinity is so funny to me bc men deprive themselves of the best things in life in order to achieve it like ….fuzzy socks, fun fruity pink drinks, spa days, lifetime movies,  expressing positive feelings in a healthy way, being a warm genuine person


The day she found out the truth.. by Funny Kids



*blows a kiss at the ocean (for the sharks)*


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"enjoy high school, you’re going to miss it when it’s over" nah tho









Yeeeees? And?

I’m taking this as a compliment to Elementary.


Not Featuring A Dude Who Makes Rape Jokes is `100% a compliment.

Not mayo on white bread.

Not a show helmed by a dude so racist he regurgitates Yellow Peril conspiracy theories circa 1898.

Not a show that reduces WOC to antagonistic shrews/wilting lotus flowers but rather casts a WOC in the lead to totally pwn a white British supervillain that tries to reduce her to a ‘mascot’

Not a show that constantly queerbaits its viewers and mocks them for daring to interpret the characters as anything other than cishet men.

a show featuring 100% canon trans and gay characters that handles them like real human beings
a show that turns misogynistic tropes on their heads
a show that calls its white male protagonists out on his shit
a show with an adaptation of sherlock who praises women
a show with flawless writing that showcases how women actually act
do i really need to go on

not a show that features orientalist ~chinese music~ every time joan watson is on screen

not a show that fetishizes lesbian women and has them fall for the straight white man

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baby: t… t-t….

mom: aw are you trying to say thank you?

baby: talos the mighty! talos the unerring! talos the unassailable! to you we give praise! we are but maggots, writhing in the filth of our own corruption! while you have ascended from the dung of mortality, and now walk among the stars! but you were once man! aye! and as man, you said, “let me show you the power of talos stormcrown, born of the north, where my breath is long winter. i breathe now, in royalty, and reshape this land which is mine. i do this for you, red legions, for i love you.” aye, love. love! even as man, great talos cherished us. for he saw in us, in each of us, the future of skyrim! the future of tamriel! and there it is, friends! the ugly truth! we are the children of man! talos is the true god of man! ascended from flesh, to rule the realm of spirit! the very idea is inconceivable to our elven overlords! sharing the heavens with us? with man? ha! they can barely tolerate our presence on earth! today, they take away your faith. but what of tomorrow? do the elves take your homes? your businesses? your children? your very lives? and what does the Empire do? nothing! nay, worse than nothing! the imperial machine enforces the will of the thalmor! against its own people! so rise up! rise up, children of the empire! rise up, stormcloaks! embrace the word of mighty talos, he who is both man and divine! for we are the children of man! and we shall inherit both the heavens and the earth! and we, not the rlves or their toadies, will rule skyrim! forever! terrible and powerful talos! we, your unworthy servants, give praise! for only through your grace and benevolence may we truly reach enlightenment! and deserve our praise you do, for we are one! ere you ascended and the eight became nine, you walked among us, great talos, not as god, but as man! trust in me, whiterun! trust in the words of heimskr! for i am the chosen of talos! i alone have been anointed by the ninth to spread his holy word!

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